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July 3, 2010
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Berk Children by Cafcow Berk Children by Cafcow
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I'm tired of seeing people post my art without my permission.

They all have names now! ]8D

Ok, so here are all the children I came up with for the HTTYD characters. Just to make it clear none of this is Cannon. It started off just as this picture of Older!Hiccup and Astrid with a kid [link] And evolved into these [link] [link] [link]
So I though I'd just make up the other character's kids with little bios. ]XD;;

Kerr Stoick Haddock - Hiccup and Astrid's kid.
He's 6 years old. He has his father's sweet spirit, and his mother fighting spirit and he is a talker. He just likes conversation and will ramble for hours on end. It gets to the point of annoyance at times, and people tend to tune him out. He doesn't care though. He'll just talk to himself.
Even though he's the smallest boy (not counting Fishy) he does NOT have the troubles Hiccup had. The village learned from their mistake on how they treated Hiccup, and now that they have children of their own they are raising them to be better then they were. That's not to say that the kids don't get along from time to time, because that happens. They just have been taught not to look down on those that are different.
He doesn't have a dragon yet, and hasn't really though much about getting one because of all the dragons that are constantly around his house.

Mead Ingerman - Fishlegs and Ruffnut's daughter
I covered most of Mead's personality in the group shot of her family. So I will just add that she is 8 years old, and is Kerr's best friend. She gets annoyed by her cousins and often 'berserks' on them (she does not berserk to the level her father does...yet).
She has a Gronkle named Gronkle.

Fishlegs Jr. "Fishy" Ingerman - Fishlegs and Ruffnut's son
Again, most everything about him is covered in the family picture. He's the youngest out of the group (not sure how old yet). And yes, he has a blankie. U.U

Rutt (short haired twin) and Dune (long haired twin) Thorston - Tuffnut's kids
The twins are fraternal twins like Tuff and Ruff. They are 7 have a lot of their dad's personality. They bicker and fight much like Ruff and Tuff did. They enjoy messing with Mead which often results in fights between the three of them.
The longer hair twin is a bit more tame then his brother. The short haired twin is the instigator and the long haired twin follows along. They have their father's bad posture.
Their mother and father do love each other, but they often fight which ends in Tuffnut getting kicked out of the house for the night.
They both are eager to get their own dragons, and constantly pester people about it (even more so after Mead got hers).

Staglout Jorgenson - Snotlout's Son
Though big and strong like his father, he has a much softer personality. He is 7 and 1/2.
His mother died of a sickness that had passed through the village when he was two. Hiccup, knowing what it was like growing up without a mother, has done all he can to help Snotlout out by sharing his childhood experiences and anything else he can. Because of that Snotlout's son admires his 'Uncle Hiccup' greatly (though Snotlout will always be number one to him).
He he good friends with Kerr and the short haired twin. He is looking forward to getting a dragon of his own,a dn hopes that it will be a Monstrous Nightmare like his father's dragon.

Trout Jorgenson - Snotlout's daughter
She is the most difficult of the children. She is only 6. She was only one when her mother died she's bitter about it and gained a bit of an attitude. She's a brat to the others most of the time, and teases everyone. Astrid and Ruffnut have often tried to help with being female roll models, but she pushes everyone but her father (and sometimes her brother) away.
She doesn't care what type of dragon she gets, but claims that it will be the better then what any of the other get.
Her character design is partly based on the character design when they though of having Snotlout as a girl in the movie.

The reason the kids don't have dragons yet (except for Mead) is because I imagine that when the dragons were first welcomed, the younger kids especially were so eager to have a dragon that they would just pick whatever they thought was the best without even bothering to bond with them. When new dragons would come in, those that didn't really bond with their dragon would move on and want the newer ones (or they were just too young and neglected their dragons).
The dragons that were rejected by their owners became bitter and left the village living on the other side of the island away from humans (they only tolerate humans when Hiccup and Toothless come to check up on them, but even then they don't like the human's presence). Hiccup seeing this discussed it with his father and it was decided that children would not get dragons until they were the proper age, and could truly bond to one dragon.
Those who read all this please let me know what you think. ]:3

What do you guys think? ]:/

Art © me
No one has permission to use.
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witchpixe Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
have u ever heard of PandaFilms, the creator of NightShade? her night furries r great too, in fact I believe her eldest son would make a great partner 4 your Kerr. take a look and see what u think. if u have hadn't heard of them I mean.
Cafcow Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Oh, how interesting.
witchpixe Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
so u like them then?
Passion-star4975 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The twins look identical to me oWo Fraternal mean non-identical. 
Cafcow Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
I know what fraternal twins are. I have fraternal relatives who looked identical when they were children, but as adults look completely different. It's the same thing with these two.
Passion-star4975 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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Like it very mush! But, who is Tuffnut's wife?
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I haven't created her yet.
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So Cute......................
I Want To Hug Them
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I accept this! And love the backgrounds. Lolz now I have a new addiction x.x <3
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