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April 18, 2010
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Relaxation by Cafcow Relaxation by Cafcow
Yay, my first How to Train Your Dragon art!
Astrid, Hiccup and Toothless.

I love these three, they are just so cute. (Sorry, didn't have much reference for Toothless)

I've been seeing some anti-HiccupxAstrid stuff saying they don't fit together Because she's tough and rough and he's not, but I'd have to completely disagree. I think because they are opposites they work together so well. I mean if someone sweet and soft had been put in Astrid's place you would not have gotten the same message.
Astrid is this hard Viking, that through seeing what Hiccup saw in life was able to become softer and open up. Yeah, it was a quick change (it's a kids movie for crying out loud), but like someone else said, you can see the emotional change in her face. And I swear if someone says that's not good enough I'll....Well I'll ignore them.
That is how you know good acting though! When a actor is able to have the character (or cartoon in this case)get things across in their expressions and emotions without having to say it.
When Hiccup took her for the ride, she didn't only get to see how cool Dragons were, but she got to see how Hiccup looks at the world, and it changed her view of him.
Plus there are no sweet girl-next-door Vikings. Had there been it would have completely ruined what they were trying to show with Hiccup being the only un-Viking Viking.

And even if you don't like them together that's cool, I just get annoyed when people think their little Mary-sueish OC's would be better, but I hate that with every 'fandom' so it's normal.
(Obviously the CREATORS didn't think that would be good, or else they would have had a character like that in there to begin with.)

Sorry, I just needed to get that out.

If you want to see more stuff like this then please comment to let me know.
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You have to put a strong-headed person with a calm, think-things-through kind of person. Two calm people don't work.0_0
*ahem* very annoying when people show pics of the Hiccupxanyone pairings
I agree that people do pair their OCs with Hiccup too much, but, being one of those, I have to say we do just because it's fun. and i personally would never draw a pic of my OC with Hiccup, because i respect Hicstrid way more. it is very annoying.
Well I don't mind CanonxOC, I know it's going to happen. I just hate when people trash the canon love interest to try to make their pairing look better.
Pft. Yeah, man...(what's canon?)
Canon is what is true to a story. So A character or situation that is in a story is canon. Something that someone added in, or changed themselves is non-canon.
oh..thx for telling me! btw, just call me clueless
Little-Ms-Lizzy Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiccup.and Astrid forever! >D
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